Am I living in a Credit Co-operative Society? :-P

Lots of cool new things are happening around. But something keeps me pricking: Why are people less interested in actually doing things and more inclined towards just getting the credit? Nobody wants to share the work. But everyone wants to share the credit. I just can’t understand. Why do all carry such attitude?

What’s more important for the person is that his/her name should appear in BOLD letters, regardless of how much quality work they contribute. Anywhere I go, I find the most common phenomena and that is: No matter what job I do, people should remember my name and appreciate my work. I have to be in the lime-light. All should see me in the fore-front. And I am left bewildered. I can only ask “But why?”

These kinds of people don’t even bother about the person who really deserves to get the applause. They are just bothered about marketing themselves. They keep secrets. They try to somehow make their presence felt. They pretend. They look artificial. They don’t help others thinking that if I help him/her; he/she might get better remarks than me. (What the heck!)

My personal experience says that the one who happens to be the real star prefers to remain quiet. For example: When people give a standing ovation to a dancer, the choreographer standing back-stage feels as if he is on cloud nine. He not even for once feels that he should be getting all the applause. “The man behind” believes in the old saying “Empty vessels makes more noise.”

They say public memory is short. People forget things very soon. If all believe this, then why are some so cautious of making sure that, “My name should be projected.” According to me, doing the work that you don’t think of as work, and enjoy doing it to the fullest is what really matters. The praises or popularity will eventually follow.
But this mind-set is so rare to find. People keep craving for selfish motives. Nobody does anything. I feel sorry for such people. To be precise:

• Can’t we be happy about the rich experience we get in the journey of creating something?
• Can’t we do things out of pure interest, merely as a pleasure or to just learn something new?
• Can’t we live in a co-operative society, rather than a credit co-operative society? 🙂


One thought on “Am I living in a Credit Co-operative Society? :-P

  1. I know what you are saying; rather, I’ve experienced what you wrote.

    If you do an RCA, its not the ‘credit’ that people want; its the free lunch everyone is after. This ‘I want it all for FREE’ is attitude lies in the bone marrow of our people and you’re bound to experience it for the years to come. Brace yourself for something you cannot change.

    People want engineering degree without putting in much efforts. People want Rock The World with Guitar without spending years practicing the instrument. People want to have their names in ‘bold’ almost everywhere.

    But let me tell you something important – these unwanted names in ‘bold’ font get rubbed off easily. They are temporary. So don’t care about them.

    But at the same time, there is no point in being silent and watch others take away our credit. That’s stupidity. Don’t care for other’s names – care for yours. As long as its there the way you want it, its all fine.

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