The ones who turn dreams into reality!

I have started liking fiction more than ever. Whenever I go to a book-store or library, I look for the non-fiction section. I find it more interesting to know about the real-life stories of real-life people.

I have read quite a few autobiographies. And to my surprise, I have always found a common-link in most of them & that thing is that, in all such stories, there is an “ordinary” boy/girl who has “extra-ordinary” dreams. This boy/girl is different from the crowd right from his/her young-age. Many-a-times, this boy/girl does some things casually or normally, that people think are abnormal. When the story moves on, you get to know that there is this boy/girl who describes the different events that he/she faces, which become the experience of a “lifetime” later on!

All of them are great tales, I must say. But, I still wonder why every story has just the same facts. Well I guess I will get to know when I write my own autobiography! 😛
Till then I hope that I get to find something different in other books.


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