They Say. I say.

They say, “That’s un-cool!“.
I say, “That’s so cool!“.

They say, “High speed on the road is thrill.”
I say, “Who’ll pay your hospital bill?”

They say, “I’ll see which career has better scope.”
I say, “Keep finding, you’ll only stay on hope.”

They say “This thing is “in-style“.”
I say, “I better make my own worth-while.”

They say, “Quotas are for the backward class.”
I say, “Who‘s more backward: the caste or the unemployed mass?”

They say, “Go and get yourself high heels fast.”
I say, “I would not prefer to fall over comfort that’ll last.”

They say, “I will have more opportunities abroad.”
I say, “Stay there and listen to your i-pod.”

They Say, “You gotta study whole day to get big score.”
I say, “Try quality work. You’ll get more.”

They say, “You haven‘t listened to this song?”
I say, “How could I care about every single ting-tong?”

They say, “You know my first crush was…..”
I say, “Give me a break. What‘s this all for?”

They say, “My son or daughter is now an NRI.”
I say, “Do they often call or meet you even to just say Hi!”

They say, “How can I do it all alone?”
I say, “Never mind. Charity begins at home.”

They say, “You don‘t have to be Jack of all trades & master of none!”
I say, “Then why do you want me to be an all-rounder known?”

They say, “I use the f-word almost 50 times a day!”
I say, “I know. You can‘t get better at something else, anyway.”

They say, “You are too sentimental & In controlling emotions you lack.”
I say, “I hate hiding my feelings. I reduce the possibility of heart-attack!”

They say, “Let’s flaunt a tattoo.”
I say, “It’s more of a taboo.”

They say, “It‘s a tough rat-race that firmly you have to face.”
I say, “Chill down. I will either run at my own pace or create a big mess.”

They say, “Grow up. Be mature and take responsibility.”
I say, “Stay young. Be smart and instill creativity.”

They say, “Funky clothes and accessories make one look cool.”
I say, “With that attire and the cheap English, you’ll look a complete fool.”

They say, “Why does your opinion always have to vary?”
I say, “What? Really? I thought I was ordinary.”

Actually, “They say” so many things to which I turn a deaf ear.
The good ones I pick. The rest I just let go.
Because, you know I had and will always have a “I say”. 🙂


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