Confusion surrounds and grips me hard.

It’s monsoon here.
Being confused is just another state of mind which I am unable to overcome since the rainy season has begun.

I find myself as the most confused person.
Sometimes, I do things completely out of reason.
I don’t think before doing. I ponder after it’s all done.
I like so many things. But if asked for a passion, I reluctantly say none.
The days and nights pass by. And I rise again to face the morning Sun.
It is all good to write. But, sometimes it’s no fun.
So you see, I am a totally confused person.
For now, I just wonder: How will I do in the long run?
(Note: Notice the usage of rhymes.)

This confusion always surrounds me.
Many-a-times I just don’t get how to behave with others or how to act and react.
When I am moving out, I don’t know what should I be wearing. (Actually, sometimes I don’t even know whether I should be moving out or not!)
At other times, I just pass my time wondering: Why am I doing this?
Because I realize that I should be/could be doing something else.
Sometimes, I am sitting in my room and I don’t know what should I be doing next.
I am unable to judge a person, whether he/she was/is/will be good. (Some people I know can tell this right away they meet someone new).
I precisely can’t tell the list of “my favorites!“. Huh!

I have read that this happens with so many people.
It may happen due to various reasons: Teen-age, Peer-Pressure etc…
So, I may not be the only person with these things on mind.
But then it hurts me to know that I think just like someone or somebody thinks just like me.

As I come to the end of this post , I am unable to decide whether I should really be publishing it! Heck! I am sick of this mental “dis—ease”.
But, I guess, it’s over-time now. I am on, to make some changes in my mental processor.
The processor’s speed is highly good (considering the pace at which thoughts get inside and leave my mind). But the internal circuitry has a serious problem.
May be it’s just that the rain-water is getting inside and damaging the whole thing.
I hope I get over this thing soon enough….


2 thoughts on “Confusion surrounds and grips me hard.

  1. Looks like you’ve forgotten your own words –

    “Itna sochna padta hai kya?”

    Just get started with something you like to do. Be it playing a musical instrument, or try to learn a new programming language, read some fantastic book, try to learn how to setup a website, there are so many things to do. Make a list of all the things you’d love to do and then pick the one that will keep you busy for some time.

    …and stop thinking, start doing; because once you start doing, you’ll get new ideas in your mind.


  2. hey just saw ur blog….i knew u r senti but didnt know that u put it so well in words….good going gal!!!

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