Return Journey on the train

Today, I returned from Mumbai by a train journey. I brief here a small incident at the train.
We entered our compartment & looked for our seat numbers. I had the side-upper berth. But, the lower berth was occupied completely by one fat lady & her two sons. After discussing with them, we found out that they had a RAC (Reservation against cancellation) ticket. The remaining four seats were occupied by a family of four, who for no particular reason were continuously chit-chatting in English-cum-Marathi(Their mother tongue being Marathi). I really don’t know why, but I hate all those people who think speaking in English in public places makes them look smarter.
After a while, I sat opposite the lady I mentioned before. The lady was engrossed in reading a certain magazine and her son was reading a comics digest. The other co-passengers talked with each other on all the topics like: Oil prices, M r. Obama, Weather changes, Foreign life for Indians, Meals form pantry car etc…. But, these guys were reluctant to talk with us. So, I started doing everything I could to entertain myself. I read a whole book. I listened my favorite songs. I ate snacks. But time was not moving as fast as it usually does.
So, I did a really dreadful thing. I asked the lady to have me take a look at her magazine. She gave a warm smile and handed it over to me. After that I had one of the most astonishing experience of my life. I scanned the pages of the magazine & returned it to her instantly. It was a woman magazine (or whatever you call it) & I found all the following.
It had titles like:
How to make your skin shine in four days?
How to control a child who is naughty and arrogant in ten steps?
How to gain attention or make your presence felt in a social gathering?
How to remove pimples & wrinkles?
How to make your ignorant husband love you in easy-to-implement 15 steps?
How to get your dream figure (without dieting) within a month?
How to update your wardrobe with the latest bollywood styles? Etc..

I was lost in thinking. Why do all think that these are the most important issues for females?
How is it possible that women are only concerned about how they look? Isn’t there anything else that these women (who enjoy watching saas-bahu soaps) think rather than reading latest gossips about the Actors and Actresses? Do these girls or women realize how their head stinks with the bad smell of junk they are putting in their garbage-bins (read: heads) ?
Anyways, I had nothing else to do. So, I kept pondering.
If these women start doing something far more creative and innovative than going through these magazines, they can create a revolution. At that moment, I thought that this topic was as important as the global warming issue!
Just then, my mom asked me to soon go to sleep on the upper berth or I wont wake up on time.
I felt empty. May be I could feel better when I wake up. I fixed the alarm & said “Good Night!”


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