Should I call them all “My Gurus“?

Earlier in India, i.e. back in the age of Ramayana or Mahabharata, the concept of “Gurukul” was followed.(Gurukul is a place where, the students reside at their teachers Ashram or Cottage and complete their formal education.)
In this Gurukul, the student learnt the four Vedas (Authoritative Hindu sacred texts, composed in Sanskrit and gathered into four collections)

The Indian-origin word “Guru” has been adopted by the English dictionary.
The definition of this word, as given in the dictionary is:

  • A teacher and guide.
  • A trusted counselor and adviser; a mentor.
  • A recognized leader in a field .
  • An acknowledged and influential advocate.

But, sadly this has become just a matter of good-sounding words.
The above mentioned definition completely contradicts with our current teachers.
Now-a-days, ‘good teachers’ are a rare-sight.
As per my opinion, a good teacher should not only be well-versed in the subject that he/she teaches, but he/she should possess the basic teaching skills.
Teaching is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Teaching in such a manner that you quench the thirst of student’s urge to know more, inculcate creativity and make this learning process interesting is a god-gift to just a handful.
I think, teaching is one of those jobs, that cannot be treated as just a means of earning money. A teacher, as put earlier, is an adviser, a second caretaker and a guide to build the foundation of our thoughts……

I completely agree that, we as students are fully equipped with information resources like books and internet. But, nothing on earth can match the way the process of ‘Teacher-Student’ interaction and query solving happens.
In my span of education till today, I have encountered a lot of ‘simply great!’ teachers. But those are just a few to be counted on finger-tips.
I wish to meet more brilliant faculties in future.
Wish me luck!


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