Cardcaptor Sakura

Card Captor Sakura.
The best Japanese TV-Series, I have ever seen.
I am a great fan of such anime serials.

In Japanese, “Sakura” is the name of the cherry blossom flower. This name suits the best for the lead character Sakura. (The girl with brown hair in the center-front with a magical character called “Kero”)

The story of CCS:
The story revolves around Sakura Kinomoto, who is a Ten-year-old, 4th grader student. Once, she opens a mysterious book in her father’s study and accidentally lets loose the magical Clow Cards. By her ability to open the seal, Sakura is revealed to have special powers, and it becomes her responsibility to retrieve the missing cards.

The interesting part of this series is that, it has real life characters and environment with a soft-touch of magic, adventure and fantasy.
The anime television series (1998-2000) based on the manga consists of 70 half-hour episodes (spread over three seasons) was broadcasted in India on the channel Animax.
Every single episode is a treat to watch. I always take a stop to watch it, whenever I am bored or frustrated. It cools my mind.
I can write on and on… about its characters and storyline. But, its total loss if we already know the story before watching or reading it.
So, go ahead guys and gals. In the free-time, give yourself a nice treat.

Sakura rocks!


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