My Mind at the Sessionals

Today, as usual I gave my regular sessional test paper.
I can write a complete essay on ‘Appearing for tests’.

But, for the time being, I describe: “Myself at the examination hall”

1. I search hopelessly for my seat.
2. I go through the notes till last moment (i.e. the moment till the invigilator shouts at us to keep our bags outs!)

3. I hastily checking for my I-card.

4. I wish “best-of-luck” and “all-the-bests” to my exam-time neighbors.

5. After distribution of answer sheets. I spend about 10 minutes, filling in my “bio-data” on the paper and draw margins (which I don’t know why, but always get crooked)

6. As the invigilator starts giving the question-papers, I try to see the expressions on the face of people who receive them before me.

7. Alas! I grab that Question-paper in my hand.

8. And the next few hours are spent in asking for supplements and thread to tie the answer sheets…. 9. Exam ends.
10. But, we still have to think about our next paper.
We have attached so much of importance to these exams

I don’t find this examination scheme that worthy.
How can anybody prove his/her prowess or intelligence or whatever you call it, by scribbling the data on the answer sheets?

How fair does it seem to compete with students just like us, who have spent lots of time mugging up the subjects?

How do they judge our talent in just three hours?

Everyone knows that all great people today in almost every field, are school or college drop-outs.
But still, we carry on running in this huge rat-race!

Its a game.
We have to prove that we too can win.
Its called “Mine is better than yours!”

Hey, I have to study for my next paper.

Best of luck for all your future exams. 🙂


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